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When celebrities meet BTS 😱

By: MisuPPublished: 1 year ago

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Hello :D
This video is about Celebrities meeting BTS.
Some of the biggest celebrities are armies. xD
Like John Cena for example.
These boys melt even the toughest hearts xD haha
Watch this video and see:
- Bebe Rexha fangirling over Tae
- BTS with Ellen
- Miley Cyrus being exited because of BTS speech
-Tyra Banks in love with BTS
and many more.
Please enjoy :)

When celebrities meet BTS 😱
유명 인사가 방탄소년단를 만날 때 😱
有名人が防弾少年団を満たすとき 😱 When celebrities meet BTS 😱When celebrities meet BTS,유명 인사가 방탄소년단를 만날 때,有名人が防弾少年団を満たすとき,防弾少年団,방탄소년단,bts meets stars,bts meets hollywood stars

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