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85] Resin GEODE Fun - Step-by-step TUTORIAL with lots of Sparkle - Fluid Art

By: Myriam's NaturePublished: 1 year ago

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This layered resin geode is a sparkle lover’s fantasy... full of glitter, crystals, mica powder and iridescent mylar! In this, part 1, I walk you through everything I did and explain why. I hope you’ll get inspired and pick up a few tips along the way. 😊

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🔹 Products I recommend for various fluid arts :
(Amazon vendors often change their prices without notice. I chose the vendors with the best prices at the time. Please check for the best price you can find 😊.)


▪️ LIQUID DIAMONDS resin for the first layer (made by the same people who make my favorite resin: Clearcast 7050)
Liquid Diamonds is much thinner ... because of its lower viscosity it is very easy to pour and to have it seep into nooks and crannies.

▪️ CLEARCAST 7050 resin for the top layer
= unbeatable price for such a high caliber resin
= 45 minute work time
= 8 hours for a touchable cure, 24 hours for full cure
= excellent viscosity for Fluid Art
= virtually odor free
= VOC free and non-toxic ... safe to use indoors
= ✨AMAZING ANTI-YELLOWING protection (HALS) and UV absorbers ✨

Direct link to Liquid Diamonds page :

Direct link to Clearcast 7050 page :

🔸🔸 To order, go direct to the manufacturer like I do : (or use the links above to the specific resin page)
💙😃 Enter coupon code MYRIAM at checkout for 10% off your TOTAL purchase ... and US shipping is FREE!!

▪️ Pearl Ex mica powders:
— Series 1 (12 mostly metallic colors... i.e., silvers, golds, coppers) :
— Series 2 (12 colors) :
— Series 3 (12 colors) :
— 32 color set:

▪️ Liquitex Gesso : (16 oz.)

▪️ DecoArt Americana paints
— Peacock Teal
— Light Orchid
— Bahama Blue

▪️ DecoArt
— Glorious Gold
— Extreme Sheen Silver

▪️Lumiere 3D Bright Gold :

▪️Gold glass glitter :

▪️Iridescent Mylar flakes : (This will take a couple of weeks to arrive but the price is good)

▪️Blue painter’s tape :
— Scotch brand :
— Less expensive brand:

▪️ This was done on a 10.4 inch MDF round board :


▪️ My favorite silicone mixing cup (100 ml) with spout:
🔺 For Canadians :

This cup has changed my life ... it’s endlessly reusable! I let remaining resin cure in it overnight and it then easily pops out! The cup is very flexible and has a totally smooth curved inner bottom (perfect for thorough mixing!). It holds a little over 3 ounces. Great for paint too!
[ Tip 1: The measurements are on the inside of the cup and disappear as you add paint or resin so make temporary marks on the outside with a pen, marker, etc. They’ll wipe right off when you’re done!
Tip 2: If you use a lot of resin, you might want two (or more) of these cups so that you have another one to use while leftover resin cures in the first one.]

▪️ 30 ml medicine cups for small batches:

DISCLOSURE : Links above, to Amazon products, help this channel by giving me a small commission when one is used to reach Amazon before any purchase. Your Amazon prices remain exactly the same so using a link to get to Amazon is a kind way to show support. The commissions will help me buy supplies and keep videos coming! Thank you in advance for helping out and for watching these videos! May the resin, inks, and paints be kind, and may the pours be with you! 😊💕 85] Resin GEODE Fun - Step-by-step TUTORIAL with lots of Sparkle - Fluid ArtResin,resin Crafts,resin and acrylic pouring,epoxy resin,embellishing acrylic pour,art resin,resin jewelry,resin casting,resin art,fluid acrylic tips,working with resin,resin tips,resin pouring,painting with resin,how to make resin art,how to use resin,resin for beginners,resin for acrylic pouring,Resin geode,Liquid diamonds,Resin and glitter,Glitter in resin,How to make a resin geode,Mrs. Colorberry,Resin geode painting,Geode resin art

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