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Ghost Party !!! A Haunted Talk Show Live Stream

By: The Stillwinter NationPublished: 5 days ago


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Party with us Ghosts !!! Let's make A Haunted Talk Show Live Stream !!! Welcome Everybody to A Fun Random, Interactive Talk Show with Live Stream Chat Games and a Crazy 60s Ghostly Theme!

This is A fun comedy tv entertainment live stream talk and game show that rewards you for returning to the channel. We play a variety of game types and learn about a numerous amount of crazy real things in this ever changing talk show from "The Price is Wrong" to the 'Dumb Laws of New York"!
Some of the many features include Random Word Games, Video Games, News, Dumb Laws, Rituals, Facts and Much Much More here at The Stillwinter Nation

Ten Super Perks YOU can earn for Returning to our live stream talk shows

1 - Your own personalized intro name card music video that becomes better as you continue to level it up. The Video is tailored to what we know about you and continues to get better as you continue to engage in the community. We use this card in a variety of ways to shout you out whether it be upon your entrance or to show you off as a winner in one of our very RANDOM games! Yes a Video Gif tailored to YOU!
NOTE: At latest of levels you earn your very own custom TSW made Visual avatar added into the gif

2 - Custom Sound Effect played in live stream upon your entrance

3 - Your face in our Stillwinter News segments

4 - A front of screen visual avatar that interacts with other avatars by dueling, talking, dancing, running around, playing the !slots, catching the stars, and winning the batter royales! This avatar is customized by you by following the Stream Avatars Extension posted by The Stillwinter Nation every 3-5 minutes.

5 - Become a knight (MOD) by showing your dedication and support for the community

6 - Shout outs all over the place

7 - Earn points and loyalty faster! Once you reach 25 hours in our live stream you become a "regular" doubling your timed points and loyalty per minute!

8 - You LEARN !!! Believe it not, amongst all this fun and random craziness we have many segments that teach you real facts, news and information about the world throughout our live stream talk shows! TRUE

9 - You grow! Meet and greet many new amazing people from creators to viewers, were all here for some fun times!

10 - The Mightiest of Perks gets their channel featured on The Stillwinter Nation Homepage along with their very own Mid Roll Advertisement made by The Stillwinter that shows off to our entire Live Stream Nation watching every fifteen to thirty minutes! That is up to four times each talk show!!! NOTE: This advertisement changes as our top featured channels change as well

Super Random but Fun Broadcast tips and tricks

!first = If your one of first three to type this during stream, Get bonus POINTS!
!loyalty = checks your in stream avatar loyalty currency
!points = checks your points, rank and time spent with us
!duel (username) (amount) = watch your on screen avatar duel! make sure your opponent types !accept to accept your challenge!
!makeitrain = Spend 1k of your points to rain points for everyone!
!superrain = Spend 10k points to spread the love
!megadrop = To prove your a Boss = 100k
!slots (amount) to have your avatar visually gamble loyalty
!sit to have your avatar sit in chair of loyalty purchased choice!
!extension - to summon stream avatars extension and customize your avatar
!redeem list - to see a list of gifs you can purchase with points with sound effects

We aim to air daily on Youtube @1:30pm pst - 3:30pm cst - 4:30pm est - 9:30pm UK. If we are not airing at the time feel free to check out our YT community tab, Facebook or Twitter for further updates and notifications which are in the links below!

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Contact TSW Nation - [email protected]

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I use Streamlabs OBS to make my live stream talk show, should you? follow the link
below if ive given you ideas or thoughts on your future streams!

Party with us Ghosts !!! A Haunted Talk Show Live Stream

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